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Important Information regarding Pre-arranged and prepaid funerals

For more than four generations, our team of licensed funeral professionals have made sure that client families that wish to prearrange and/or prepay their funeral arrangements, were able to do so.  In accordance with rules and regulations of the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO), if the client wishes to prepay, prepaid funds are placed in the clients name in trust and are kept in the trust until the time of death.

The Beareavement Authourity of Ontario (BAO) regulates Funeral Establishments, Transfer Service Operators, Cemeteries, Crematorium Operators, Bio-Crematorium Operators, Licenced Funeral Directors and Funeral Preplanners.  For more information visit

Client families should be aware that these funds and prearrangement files can be transferred from any one funeral home to another.  Our philosophy is that if arrangements have already been made, we will honour any pricing for any particular prepaid items with no additional cost to you.  Our family is here to serve you 24 hours per day, to answer any questions you may have.

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